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Studio Technologies Model 22 IFB Plus Access Station

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The Model 22 Access Station works in conjunction with a Studio Technologies' Model 2 Central Controller to provide a 2-channel IFB origination (talk) location. Two pushbutton switches allow direct access to each of the IFB channels. The switches are backlit for visibility in locations with low am... Read More

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The Model 22 Access Station works in conjunction with a Studio Technologies' Model 2 Central Controller to provide a 2-channel IFB origination (talk) location. Two pushbutton switches allow direct access to each of the IFB channels. The switches are backlit for visibility in locations with low ambient light conditions. Each switch also provides a tally indication, lighting brightly when their associated IFB channel is active. The carefully optimized circuitry is capable of providing high-fidelity IFB audio performance. This is unique in the often-ignored yet critical talent cueing function. Model 22s are typically installed at positions convenient to producers, directors, or other personnel who need to cue on-air talent. Up to four Model 22 units can be connected to, and powered by, a Model 2 Central Controller.

The Model 22 consists of a metal chassis containing two lighted pushbutton switches, microphone and line inputs, and supporting audio, status, and control circuitry. An external interrupt audio source is required. This can be in the form of a microphone or line-level signal. A microphone input is provided for connection to an electret gooseneck microphone. The Model 11A Gooseneck Microphone, an option available from Studio Technologies, is directly compatible. The transformer-coupled line input allows various pieces of communications equipment to serve as the interrupt audio source. This can be used to interface with intercom systems from companies such as RTS and Clear-Com, typically utilizing their hot mic out signals. A configuration switch allows Model 22 interrupt activity to mute the monitor amplifier output on the associated Model 2 Central Controller.

The optional Model 25A Rack Mounting Adapter allows the Model 22 to be mounted in one space of a standard 19-inch rack enclosure (as shown). Alternately, the Model 22 can be flush mounted in an opening provided in a custom-fabricated enclosure or cabinet surface. The Model 22 interfaces with the Model 2 Central Controller using a 9-conductor interface cable. Power for the Model 22 is provided by the connected Model 2 Central Controller.


  • 2-channel IFB remote panel
  • Works with Model 2 Central Controllers
  • No external power source required
  • Supports mic and line inputs
  • Excellent audio quality
  • Backlit pushbutton switches

The IFB Plus Series is designed for electronic news-gathering (ENG) trucks, satellite news-gathering (SNG) trucks, and small production vehicles. Interruptible foldback (also known as talent cueing) allows reporters and other on-air talent to receive program audio along with audio cues from production personnel, generally directors and producers. The design and implementation of a studio IFB system can be quite complex, yet normally remains the same from day to day. Talent and production personnel, along with the IFB equipment, are physically located in the same facility.

Mobile IFB applications can present increased challenges as the number and variety of program sources, interrupt sources, and configuration possibilities quickly multiply. Program audio can come from many sources, including off-air receivers, 2-way radios, telephone lines, satellite receivers, and cellular telephones. Interrupt audio (talent cues) may be received with the program material connected via telephone lines or may need to come from the mobile unit itself. The ability to provide IFB audio to a number of destinations is also required. These include talent "belt pack" amplifiers, transmitters used with wireless receivers, and intercom systems.

A mobile IFB system must be easy to set up and quick to configure. It must be able to withstand the day in, day out punishment of life "on the road." Meeting these diverse requirements is made more difficult by the space restrictions imposed by mobile facilities.

Studio Technologies has addressed these requirements with the IFB Plus Series products. The IFB Plus Series consists of the Model 2 Central Controller, the Model 22 and Model 24 Access Stations, the Model 32A and Model 33 Talent Amplifiers, and supporting accessories. These products combine the best features of studio IFB systems along with the special requirements of mobile applications. The end result is an IFB system that is flexible, versatile, and extremely space efficient.

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Product Specs

MountingRack mounted using Model 25A 19-inch Rack Adapter (purchased separately); custom mounting easily accomplished
Interconnectiontwo 9-pin D-subminiature connectors (female), one intended to link Model 22 to Model 2 Central Controller, the second designed to allow "loop through" installation for connection to additional Model 22(s)
Interrupt Switches: 2Type: back lit, momentary, EAO 99-series
Tactile Sensation: excellent!
Audio Inputelectret microphone or line level, switch selectable
Microphone InputCompatibility: designed for use with Studio Technologies' Model 11A gooseneck microphone (purchased separately)
Connector: three terminals on screw terminal strip
Line InputType: electronically balanced, capacitor coupled, compatible with balanced or unbalanced audio signals
Input Impedance: 24 k ohms
Input Level: –15 to +10 dBu, adjustable via trim potentiometer
Connector: two terminals on screw terminal strip
Monitor Mutingswitch selectable, allows Model 22 interrupt activity to mute monitor amplifier on Model 2 Central Controller
Power Requirements+18 Vdc filtered and regulated, 25 mA maximum, provided by Model 2 Central Controller
Dimensions (Overall)6.40 inches wide (16.3 cm)
21.60 inches high (4.1 cm)
5.20 inches deep (13.2 cm)
Weight0.8 pounds (0.35 kg)

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