TOA U-14R Two Line Input Module for Jukebox/BGM with Automute and Auto Gain Control


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  • The U-14R is a plug-in type Input Priority module designed to be used in conjunction with TOA's 900 Series and BG-1000 Series amplifiers.The U-14R is equipped with 2 inputs: BGM and JUKE, and the JUKE input has priority over the BGM input.

    • Designed for applications with a business music source and an on-premises music source, such as a CD jukebox
    • Two modules in one!
    • Two line inputs: Jukebox and BGM
    • Automute function (Jukebox overrides BGM) with adjustable mute threshold
    • Individual level controls
    • Automatic Gain Control (AGC) on Jukebox Input to accommodate varying input levels
    • Stereo-summing dual RCA jacks on each input

    BGM signals are only output when an input is received. Output automatically switches over to JUKE signal input when JUKE signals are received. The threshold level for output switching when a JUKE signal input is detected can be adjusted. Each of BGM and JUKE inputs has both L (white jack) and R(red jack) inputs, which are internally mixed and output.

    The JUKE input is equipped with an AGC, which maintains a uniform output level for varying input signal levels.The output level for BGM and JUKE inputs can be independently adjusted. When the U-14R is used with a 900 Series amplifier, its outputs (both BGM and JUKE) can be turned off using the two MUTE BUS signal channels.

    CONNECTIONS AND SETTINGS:Connect each external component output to the BGM and JUKE inputs. Use the BGM level control to adjust the BGM output level, and the JUKE level control to adjust the JUKE output level. Output level increases as the control is turned clockwise.

    The JUKE input's threshold level can be adjusted with the GATE threshold level control. Turning the GATE control clockwise increases sensitivity, allowing the BGM output to be switched over to the JUKE signal at a lower signal level.

  • Input 47k ohms(unbalanced)
    Maximum Output +14 dBV (5 Vrms)
    Frequency Response 20 - 20,000 Hz +/- 1 dB
    BGM0.03% (1 kHz, 1 Vrms)
    JUKE0.05% (1 kHz, 1 Vrms)
    Output Level Variable Range
    BGM-24 to -4 dBV (-10 dBV input to L and R)
    JUKE-24 to -4 dBV (-10 dBV input to L and R)
    JUKE Gate Threshold Level Variable Range -60 to -30 dB (input to L and R)
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