Yamaha PW800W Rackmount Power Supply (For Yamaha Digital Mixers)


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  • The PW800W is extremely compact and lightweight (3U, 10kg). Thanks to its high efficiency, the low speed cooling fans are extremely quiet. PW800W can be added as a redundant power supply for CL Series or M7CL. When using with PM5D, two units can be serially connected to achieve failsafe operation. PW800W accepts 100 - 240 volts so it can be used anywhere.

    Front Panel: POWER ON/OFF  Switch: The PW800W supplies power to the connected device when this switch is ON.PW800W Power-on Procedure; Make sure that the PW800W power switch is OFF; Connect the PW800W to the device to be powered using the cable supplied with the device (or PSL360).;Plug the PW800W power cord into an appropriate AC outlet; Turn the POWER switch ON; POWER Indicator:The POWER indicator will light when the PW800W is supplying power to the connected device.

    Rear Panel: DC OUTPUT Connector: This connector supplies power from the PW800W to the connected device. When using parallel-connected PW800W units, this connector connects to the DC PARALLEL INPUT connector on the main PW800W unit. Always use the cable supplied with the device to be connected to connect the PW800W to your device. Use the optional PSL360 Power Supply Link Cable to connect the M7CL. A second PW800W should be parallel-connected to the main PW800W only using the optional PSL120 Power Supply Link Cable. Rotate the connector ring to the right to connect, or to the left to disconnect; DC PARALLEL INPUT Connector: This connector is used to connect two PW800W units in parallel. Two PW800W’s can be connected in this way to ensure uninterrupted failsafe operation in the even that one unit shuts down. Use only the optional PSL120 Power Supply Link Cable for this connection. Rotate the connector ring to the right to connect, or to the left to disconnect. AC IN Connector: Connect the included power cable here. First, connect the power cord to the PW800W, then insert the power cord plug into the AC outlet. Securely clamp the AC power cord using the supplied cord clamp to prevent GROUND Screw Terminal: For maximum safety be sure to securely attach a confirmed ground line to this terminal. The included power cable has a three-pin plug, so the unit will be properly grounded if the AC outlet used is grounded. If the AC outlet is not grounded be sure to properly connect the GROUND terminal. Proper grounding not only ensures safety, but it also guarantees minimum noise from hum and interference.

  • Power Consumption 1000W
    Dimensions (W x H x D) 480 mm x 142 mm x 384 mm
    Weight 10 kg
    Included Accessories Power cord, Cord clamp, Owner’s Manual
    Temperature Range
    Operating 10°C – 35°C
    Storage -20°C – 60°C
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