Zaxcom QRX200 Wideband 4-Channel ENG Wireless Receiver


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  • The QRX200 is a 200 MHz wide ENG receiver. A tunable tracking front end filter is featured in the QRX200 so you can receive any frequency in any block from 20 through 27 or 512 – 698 MHz while still filtering out unwanted RF. There are three components that give the QRX200 its enhanced distance / range:

    • New digital modulation
    • Enhanced receiver design giving it maximum sensitivity while lowering its noise floor
    • The elimination in any difference between single and dual mode

    Side mounted LED’s provide visual confirmation of audio and RF reception. A group of 12 multi-colored LEDs are recessed into the side of the QRX200 (Patented).  They are visible with the QRX200 mounted in its Zaxcom camera mount and provide the sound mixer with visual confirmation of audio reception at the camera.  The LEDs are very bright and can be seen from quite a distance even in bright sunlight.


    • Receives up to 4 channels of 100% digital audio from 2 transmitters
    • The QRX200 outputs audio as an analog signal or as an AES digital signal.
    • Any combination of Zaxcom mono or stereo transmitters can be used with the QRX200.
  • RECEIVER Single Mode Receiver Type: True diversity single conversion digital demodulator
    Dual Mode Receiver Type: Antenna diversity single conversion digital demodulator
    RF Modulation: proprietary digital method
    RF Frequency Range: 518 to 698 MHz
    RF Frequency Step: 100 KHz
    RF Bandwidth: 200 KHz
    Channel Separation: 500 KHz (700 KHz recommended)
    Sensitivity: -110 dBm
    Antenna Connector: 50-ohm SMA female
    RECEIVER AUDIO – ANALOG OUTPUT (X 4) Dynamic Range: 114 dB
    Distortion: 0.001%
    DAC Bit-depth: 24 bits
    DAC Rate: 48 kHz
    Connector: TA-5M
    Audio Output Level: Line: -10 to 0 dBm active balanced
    RECEIVER AUDIO – DIGITAL OUTPUT (X4) Signal Format: AES Balanced
    Audio Output Connector: TA-5M
    Weight: 6.0 oz (170 grams)
    Dimensions: 1.25″ x 3.25″ x 5.25″ (32mm x 83mm x 133mm)
    External Power: 9 to 18 VDC (300mA @ 12VDC)
    Internal Power: N/A
    Display: Graphic LCD Panel
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