Re-Banding a Neumann EA 3 Shock Mount

August 24, 2017

Every now and then, your gear needs a little love - but what about some of your accessories? Microphone shock mounts are designed to keep vibrations from ruining your recording, and this is usually done via elastic bands that "float" your microphone. Sometimes these get stretched out over time and don't perform as well. Since we came across this issue today with our Neumann TLM 49 and its EA 3 shock mount, we got down and got it looking good again! (Note: while this article is specific to the EA 3, many Neumann models are all strung in similar fashion)

First, we took off the old bands. Here is the disassembled mount, with the outer ring, inner basket, and two new bands.

We begin by threading the first band through the outer ring's "teeth" or "jaws" on the lower posts.

Then, we bring the inner basket up underneath the outer ring, being sure to loop it through the basket's spokes. The tension tightens up the lower band.

Next, take the upper band and thread it through the "teeth" or "jaws" of the top spokes on both inner basket and outer ring. Note the band's pattern when properly threaded.

Finally, screw the TLM back onto the inner basket. The mic's weight will get the entire shock mount to "settle" into its proper position. Your shock mount is as good as new! You'll likely hear the difference in your recordings as well!


Is your Neumann shock mount in need of some TLC? Dale stocks replacement elastic bands for all of their models - contact one of our Sales Professionals for more info and pricing!

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