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Cleaning and Sanitizing Your Audio Equipment

March 20, 2020 2 Comments

Keep Your Gear Clean And Sanitary With These Tips.

By Joel Guilbert, Dale Pro Audio
There are a lot of thoughts of cleanliness and sterility right now, and we wanted to talk about how to clean your microphones, and other ways to keep other people's germs to themselves.

1. Use Replaceable Windscreens On Mics and Headsets.

We have replacement windscreens for pretty much all microphones - one thought is: if you are sharing a mic with different users - each person using a mic use their own windscreen.

2. Use Multiple Mics with Quick Release Adapters.

In a live situation using hand held mics, where you want to switch mics quickly use quick release adapters so everyone has a different mic.

3. Use A Metal Pop Filter When Recording Vocals.

Consider using a metal pop filter - these can be easily disinfected after every use. We have models in stock from Stedman, sE Electronics, and Avantone, to name a few.

4. Cleaning Your Mic (Not All The Same Way).

Some manufacturers have further information on cleaning their microphones. Some of our vendors, such as DPA Microphones, have guides on how to clean their models. Be careful, though - brands vary, and models are all different so take caution when following any instructions.

5. Cleaning Other Gear, Such As Intercom.

Clear-Com has a guide to cleaning intercom components, with good information on what to use to clean your items.

If you need it, Dale has multiple sizes of isopropyl alcohol in stock now.

Need more supplies? We have a large selection of other cleaning and sanitizing supplies in stock and ready to ship!

Joel Guilbert is Dale Pro Audio's Technology Development Manager, and assists on technical support inquiries, system design and integration, and much more for our company. He can be reached at

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October 19, 2020

The Best Way of Audio Cleaning Tool & Methods (2020)
Lessening audio commotion can be a genuine agony. Furthermore, recording clean audio can be intense, particularly in boisterous conditions.
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Robert Pomann
Robert Pomann

April 01, 2020

Can you use a CPAP sterilizer to clean a mike?

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