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Flexible Audio Distribution with Glensound Divine

May 19, 2020

By Joel Guilbert, Dale Pro Audio
During these unusual times there seem to be no “normal situations”. One thing that hasn’t changed though, is the need for good, clear audio. It’s even more important now with everyone wearing masks -we need to use our ears and not rely on physical cues.

Think of a standard situation: one signal needing to be distributed to a number of speakers - you have to use some sort of distribution amplifier to route signal to multiple outputs, to then deal with multiple amplifiers or using powered speakers - running a power connection in addition to the audio signal per speaker.

Enter a Dante digital audio solution based around the super-powerful Glensound Divine. Since the audio and power can run on a single cable - with the right gear you could just run 1x inexpensive (Cat5e/6) cable per speaker! Routing is done with a simple matrix-free Dante Controller software.

Let’s look at this potential setup as one example - a drive in movie theatre set up (very temporarily) at the community ball park. With a Dante-configured set up, you would need:

  • Divine Dante-enabled speakers
  • Stands (Divine has either a 5/8" thread on the bottom or holes for a VESA mount)
  • Network cables - Divine even supports EtherCON for more secure connection!
  • Switch with PoE (or midspan PoE injector such as this)
  • Dante input device (audio in from your playback device)

Dante audio interfaces can vary in price and complexity, but for the above application, you can use something as simple as an Audinate AVIO.

Route your input signal to the outputs in Dante controller. When the speakers get power they turn on, and pass signal when it’s present. That's all there is to it!

Joel Guilbert is Dale Pro Audio's Technology Development Manager, and assists on technical support inquiries, system design and integration, and much more for our company. He can be reached at joel@daleproaudio.com.

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