Important Safety Notice from Neutrik About powerCON TRUE1

March 28, 2018

Neutrik's powerCON TRUE1 connector system has gained a lot of traction since its release, offering live sound and install technicians a solid, true 20-amp power connector solution. However, our friends at Neutrik USA have been getting some feedback from users and wanted to share some valuable info. Read on for Neutrik's guidelines for proper usage:

Please regularly check the condition of your powerCON TRUE1 connector system (cable connector & chassis) for clear signs of wear and tear.

Through improper use and the excessive use of force, the encoding lugs and guide slots in the connector system can become so severely worn or damaged that it is possible to insert the cable connector the wrong way. However, when inserted the wrong way, the cable connector should not twist-lock into place.

A cable connector inserted the wrong way could, in some circumstances, lead to contact between live wires and the grounding contact in the plug socket.

To determine that the cable connector is inserted correctly, follow the use instructions and listen for the “click” when performing the twist-lock. Immediately unplug any connector that does not twist-lock correctly in place.


For a full and informative PDF about how to handle powerCON TRUE1 connectors, and how to troubleshoot issues, click HERE.

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