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Important Update for Audinate Dante AVIO Adapters

July 27, 2018 2 Comments

Important Firmware Update for the Dante AVIO Series.

It's no secret that the Audinate's Dante AVIO series of networked audio adapters have quickly risen to the top of our list of 2018's best sellers. Their ability to take any piece of audio gear and allow it to access your Dante network, ease of use and incredible prices make them no-brainers for any engineer's toolbox.

Our friends at Audinate have just released a critical firmware update for these products, based on customer feedback since their release at the beginning of the summer.

What You Need To Do:

For users who may have additional questions, Audinate has also launched an informative My Dante AVIO page for people new to audio networking, and a dedicated AVIO Support page if you encounter any further issues.

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September 01, 2019

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July 29, 2018

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