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Custom Stage Pocket Systems For Any Venue.

ACE BACKSTAGE CO., INC. makes a full product line of flush stage pockets (floor pockets/floor boxes) which provide utility, convenience, and easy installation of connections for audio, communications, data, sub-d panel mount, video, voice, and electrical equipment. Standard ACE Stage Pockets offer an extended choice of decorator finishes and panel configurations for typical audio and electric terminations.

ACE Custom Stage Pockets include built to order custom panels with labeling and connector loading, providing the system integrator or installer an economical "one stop" completed pocket/panel/connector assembly.

ACE BACKSTAGE CO., INC.'s CONNECTRIX System helps to expand connectivity possibilities by utilizing a panel cutout detail and an array of standard and new isolated connectors. ACE's product line now includes 1, 2, and 3 space Rack Panels, 1, 2, 4, and 6 Gang Wall Panels, as well as a variety of Wall Boxes.

ACE Pockets have evolved out of more than 30 years of audio/video, pro-audio, system integration, and consulting/contracting experience. These pockets are heavy duty but still economical. Designed for floor applications, they are welded assemblies of heavy gauge precision die stamped steel, brass and stainless steel parts. Their simple design makes installation and wire terminations easy and efficient.

Their panel fabrication and engraving facilities allow for quick turnaround of complete pocket/panel Connectivity systems. Panel materials include acrylics, aluminum, and plastic laminate composites. And updated engraving facilities offer new solutions for ground isolation, EMI and durability.

In addition ACE's Stage Management Products provide niche solutions for various microphone applications, including the Choir Stick Microphone, Microphone Softpod, and the Microphone Hanger Slug.

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