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AnySpot AS-1200

Reduce stage volume, avoid cumbersome stage monitors, and eliminate needless wire clutter with Galaxy Audio’s new AS-1200 Wireless Personal In-Ear monitors.

The AS-1200 lets you enjoy freedom of movement with a range of up to 300ft. The 210 selectable UHF frequencies offer stereo monitoring and dependable performance even in challenging RF environments. The Galaxy Audio AS-1200 Wireless Personal In-ear monitors sends your mix directly to your ears while isolating stage noise, resulting in a more accurate and precise representation of your music regardless of your position on stage. The AS-1200 is built on the same trusted and reliable wireless in-ear platform Galaxy Audio has been providing musicians for decades.


The AS-1200T transmitter incorporates a backlit LCD that displays lock on/off, L/R AF levels, group/channel, frequency number, and mono/stereo mode. AS-1200T front controls include a settings button, up/down select buttons, and volume control for the front facing headphone output. The back panel features line level right and left XLR/1/4" combo inputs and right/left AF level controls. A Single/Dual Rack mount kit and a BNC antenna is included.


The AS-1200R receiver offers a backlit LCD display with Lock, Channel Number, Stereo, Mono, Frequency, RF/AF Level and 4 Bar Battery Indicator, plus an RF and Stereo indicator LED on top of the body pack. Featuring 100mW stereo output, the AS-1200R delivers more than enough gain for any live stage performance. The included EB4 ear buds feature titanium drivers, extended bass response and aluminum alloy construction. Upgrade to Galaxy Audio EB6 or EB10 ear buds or use your custom fit or favorite set of ear buds. The AS-1200 accepts all ear buds that utilize the 1/8- inch (3.5 mm) stereo headphone jack.

Available options include the AS-1200-2 Twin Pack with two receivers and one transmitter or the AS-1200-4 Band Pack system with four receivers and one transmitter, providing multiple performers a shared monitor mix.