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Bringing Best IT Practices To Professional AV.

Now includes more devices for Silver and Gold editions, ability to add features and additional devices at any time to manage Dante Networks. Dante Domain Manager brings IT best practices to AV, making audio networking more secure, more scalable and more controllable than ever before.

Choose Your Edition:

    Dante Domain Manager Silver Edition is an ideal solution for smaller installations such as houses of worship, recording studios and broadcast facilities. Offers basic functions such as user authentications and domain configurations / subnets.
  • GOLD
    Dante Domain Manager Gold Edition is perfect for medium-sized installations, including schools, small businesses, and larger houses of worship as part of a comprehensive AV management strategy. Adds greater functionality compared to Silver, such as enhanced event and alert filtering, plus LDAP and Active Directory integration.
    Dante Domain Manager Platinum Edition is Dante management for the largest mission-critical systems found in universities, stadiums, public spaces and corporate offices. Combines all the features of Silver and Gold, adding High Availability redundancy for rapid recovery and SNMP support for integration with existing network monitoring systems.

Security, organization, scalability, and control for Dante networks
With Dante Domain Manager, you know exactly what your Dante system is doing at all times. Setup User Authentication and Role definitions for Dante Controller to ensure that no unauthorized changes are made to your system, and see alerts and notifications that keep you up-to-date on any changes instantly, anywhere. Organize your system into controlled groups that are easy to understand. Dante Domain Manager brings true layer 3 functionality to AV on your enterprise network.

User Authentication and Roles: Who's Who
When you work with volunteers and employees, accountability is key. Manage the use of Dante Controller with usernames and passwords that can be created locally or linked to your existing LDAP or Active Directory for easy setup. User Roles define what each person can do in each Dante Domain.

Expansion: Subnets and Long Distances
Building out the AV coverage you need can be challenging. Dante Domain Manager lets you use Dante subnets on a routed network with no complicated setup and no change in performance. Support for GPS clock synchronization allows systems separated by long distances to share high quality audio and video.

Dante Domains: Divide and Conquer
Your AV system isn’t used for only one purpose, and your network should reflect that. Organize your Dante system into independent, non-interfering groups of devices called Dante Domains for a clear operational view of each space, across your network.

Alerts and Audits: How, What and Who
Dante Domain Manager delivers instant, rich information about all your Dante Domains with detailed alerts to help you fix problems fast. A complete Audit Log allow you to track all activities over any period of time to identify improper workflows, malfunctioning devices, and unwanted user actions quickly and definitively.

Status at a Glance: What's Going On?
View the Dante Domain Manager Dashboard from any connected browser on your network or over a VPN connection. You get continuous, up to date information about all parts of your Dante system so you know immediately if anything goes wrong.

Multi-Vendor Interoperability: Connect Everybody
Dante exists to facilitate multi-vendor AV systems, and Dante-enabled products from all vendors can seamlessly interoperate. Dante Domain Manager extends this further, allowing sync with house clocks and connection management with SMPTE 2110 devices.

Scale Your System

Now all editions of Dante Domain Manager have the flexibility to scale, either more nodes, available in packs of 20, 50 and 100 nodes, or features that have previously only be available in the Platinum edition.

Bring Platinum Edition features to your Dante system:

  • High Availability - robust system redundancy for rapid recovery
  • SNMP support for integration with existing network monitoring systems
  • Additional Dante Nodes may be purchased at any time in packs of 20, 50 or 100, and provide additional Dante Domains.