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Gagl allows between one and five users to send and receive audio from computers and smartphones. Participants can connect and send audio by simply clicking a link using any common web browser. Their audio is conferenced (if there’s more than one user), and delivered to a Comrex hardware codec such as ACCESS or BRIC-Link II. All participants can hear other participants, and the codec can send audio back to them.


  • High-quality Opus audio encoder
  • Latency low enough for call-in talk radio
  • Up to 5 contributors per Gagl session
  • Easy for contributors to use
  • Moderator can choose level of involvement
  • Expands the functionality of Comrex IP audio codecs
  • Current supported browsers: Chrome and Edge (with Firefox and Safari in testing)

What Would I Use it For?
Gagl could be used as the hub for a round-robin reporting program or for a “morning zoo” radio show to support multiple simultaneous connections at once. Because it offers low latency, it’s appropriate for call-in talk radio. Gagl could also be used to allow a single contributor to connect back to the studio from a computer or smartphone.

So It’s Like Zoom?
Gagl was designed from the ground up with audio in mind. It doesn’t send video at all, meaning it requires less Internet bandwidth and therefore has higher stability. And unlike video-oriented conferencing offerings, audio quality is the first priority for Gagl. It uses the well regarded Opus audio encoder and a bitrate that delivers excellent voice and music quality. It also delivers audio directly to your Comrex codec with all the stability enhancements, prograde audio connections and features that you’ve come to expect from our hardware.

How Does It Work?
Designed with audio quality in mind, Gagl provides stable connections with limited bandwidth. Gagl uses the Opus audio encoder, with a bit rate that delivers both voice and music in excellent quality. Gagl also delivers audio directly to a Comrex codec with all the stability enhancements, pro-grade audio connections, and features that hardware codecs provide. With a simple user interface, Gagl is easy for users with any level of technical expertise to use.

Does it use an app?
Gagl doesn’t require anything to be installed on your computer or phone, other than a browser. All functionality happens in the browser. Error correction and buffering tools are working hard in the background to ensure reliable and pristine audio. These tools keep your audio smooth and sounding great.

For the highest quality audio, the use of headsets is required by each remote contributor in the Gagl session.

Centralized hub for remote contributors
Gagl can connect up 5 contributors simultaneously, making it perfect for a round-robin news program or a morning zoo. Or, it can simply be a portal for a single contributor to connect to the studio – whatever you need for your remote production.

Easy to use for guests
Participants can connect and send audio by simply clicking a link using any common web browser. There’s no need to install an app. Guests use equipment they’re familiar with (like a computer or smartphone) plus a headset.

Gagl is easy enough for any contributor to use, even if they’re not technically savvy. Plus, without the need for specialized equipment, Gagl is also an affordable solution for contributors to connect to the studio from anywhere. Guests can’t always be in the studio, and that’s never been more true than today.

Because audio is paramount for Gagl, it requires the use of headsets for guests on computers or phones. This removes any audio distortion that can be caused by acoustic echo cancellation. Click here to read our technote on headsets.

Controllable level of involvement
Gagl offers several roles from which Moderators can choose depending on the application – Participant, Silent, and Producer (coming soon). Moderators are also able to restrict capabilities for guests or give a contributor more control – you’re in charge of what each person can do.

Expand the functionality of your codec
Gagl can turn any Comrex IP audio codec equipped with firmware 4.5p11 or higher into a hub from which an entire radio show can operate.

Older IP audio codec models like ACCESS Rack and BRIC-Link Classic along with BRIC-Link II and newer AES67-compatible studio codecs, ACCESS NX Rack & ACCESS MultiRack, are Gagl-compatible with firmware available at no cost.

With tens of thousands of ACCESS and BRIC-Link codecs in circulation around the world, Gagl opens up new possibilities for broadcasters everywhere.

Gagl Instructions - English
Gagl Instructions - Spanish

Affordable subscription plan
Gagl is a low-cost, subscription service and you can sign-up now for a free, two-week trial. At the conclusion of the trial period, you can save $70 USD off an annual subscription – just $350 USD with code.

Talk to one of our Sales Professionals today for the code and for more information!