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American Loudspeaker Innovation.

Innovox supports the aesthetic integration of loudspeakers with their architectural environment. They have developed a comprehensive set of tools which helps the sound system designer put speakers exactly where they need to be, while at the same time meeting the architectural design team's desire for a clean uncluttered space.

Minimum form factor, a broad custom color palette, and innovative loudspeaker technology allow Innovox loudspeakers to blend into their architectural surroundings and be clearly heard but not "seen".

The latest auditory perception research has identified specific "hard-wired" audio processing in the human listener. At Innovox Audio, these findings reinforce the cornerstone of their approach to product design; Loudspeakers that deliver uncompromising speech intelligibility and precise musical detail, designed from the listeners' perspective.

Innovox loudspeakers employ ribbon HF drivers, MF drivers optimized for the voice range, dipole LF control and cardioid steered sub bass in a direct response to this new understanding. 

Most importantly, Innovox Audio strives to help the designer make state-of-the-art projects affordable.