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Designed to handle day-to-day news remote interfacing with ease, Live-Link by Studio Technologies systems offer cost-effective, portable, single-mode optical interfaces for ENG and OB vans, SNG vehicles, and production trailers.

The Live-Link Remote Camera Interface System is designed to handle news, sports, and other day-to-day remote interfacing needs with ease. Live-Link offers an advanced portable, single-mode optical interface for ENG and OB vans, SNG vehicles, and production trailers. Features include two 3G/HD/SD-SDI video paths in each direction, on-air and cue audio, intercom, and Ethernet data. Uses four single-mode fibers and models are available with a variety of optical connectors. Live-Link is an ideal infrastructure solution for airports, studio complexes, arenas, and campus environments.

Live Link Camera Interface

Key Features:

  • Transports digital video, audio, and data over four single-mode optical fibers
  • Supports standard 3G/HD/SD-SDI digital video formats
  • Two mic/line inputs with selectable gain and +48 volt phantom power
  • Two line-level audio paths for IFB or general-purpose use
  • Party-line intercom interface with 28 volt beltpack power
  • 2-wire-to-4-wire auto nulling hybrids for excellent intercom audio
  • 10/100 Ethernet with auto MDI/MDI-X
  • RS-232/RS-422 for camera control
  • GPI/GPO for tally support
  • Neutrik opticalCON DUO or QUAD for fast, reliable fiber connectivity
  • Anton/Bauer® battery mount standard on Camera End Unit
  • Low power consumption allows extended battery operating time
  • Industry-standard connectors for all inputs and outputs
  • Control Room Unit available in portable or rack-ready versions

Live-Link Jr. Remote Camera Interface System is optimized for ENG and uplink vehicles, providing everything needed for a single-camera live event. Features include one 3G/HD/SD-SDI video path in each direction, on-air and cue audio, integrated end-to-end party-line intercom system, and 4-wire intercom interfacing. Camera end and truck end units interconnect using two strands of single-mode fiber. Camera End Unit allows remote powering using hybrid fiber/copper cable.

Live Link JR Camera End Live Link Truck Unit

Key Features:

  • SD/HD/3G-SDI support
  • All audio transported embedded into SDI paths
  • Integrated party-line and 4-wire intercom support
  • Excellent audio quality throughout
  • Full SMPTE®-standards compatibility
  • Standard optical, video, and audio connectors
  • Hybrid fiber/copper powering of camera end unit
  • AC and DC powering of truck end unit