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Dedicated to the art of the ribbon microphone.

In 1998, David Royer's company introduced the R-121, the modern ribbon mic that reintroduced ribbon microphones to engineers worldwide and put ribbons on the map. Shortly after the R-121 they released the SF-12 stereo ribbon mic, followed by the R-122, the world's first phantom powered ribbon microphone. Then came the TEC Award winning R-122V tube ribbon microphone and the TEC Award winning Live Series ribbon mics for live use. In 2013, Royer received the coveted Technical Grammy Award for bringing ribbon microphones into mainstream recording around the world.

The microphone is the original ear in the recording process, the first and most influential part of the recording chain. Royer ribbon mics simply help you capture the most natural sounding recordings possible.

Every Royer is hand-made in the USA by craftsmen who are fanatical about building the best ribbon microphones in the world. Come and see what ribbon microphones can do for you.

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