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Sanken COS-11D

Full Bodied Clarity Without Harshness and a Perfect Omni Pattern.

The new generation COS-11D ultra-miniature lavalier was designed to meet today’s HD audio standards while providing greater immunity to RF interference.

Sanken COS-11D Lavaliers

The COS-11D is available in four colors (Black, White, Gray, and Beige) and with many connectivity options and accessories. It features a front mesh screen which is water resistant, better protecting the microphone from perspiration and cosmetics, and is ideal for outdoor shooting in foul weather.

The mic includes an exclusive vertical placement of the diaphragm for a much greater effective area within an extremely small casing. Sanken has combined extensive R+D with the world’s most advanced precision craftsmanship for the ultimate in sensitivity and natural sound.

COS-11D Features and Highlights:

  • Increased immunity to RFI
  • Improved Durable Design
  • Same Great Clear and Rich Sound
  • Four Color Choices
  • Robust Moisture Resistance
  • Unique Vertical Diaphragm Design
  • Clear and Natural sound
  • 20Hz-20kHz with 95dB dynamic range
  • Optimized for the Human Voice
  • 2.1mm rugged cabling which is resistant to sweat, stays soft and pliable even after extended use

Minimize RF Interference with Sanken’s Advanced Design Technology
In today’s wireless transmission systems the microphone must remain unaffected by new forms of digital transmitter signals. While the benefits of these new systems are obvious, they present new challenges in the area of emission protection. In many cases, noise levels increase and the S/N ratio is deteriorated by the interference of digital transmitters. Sanken has designed the COS-11D specifically to diminish the instances where interference is an issue. Endorsed by wireless transmitter manufacturers, the COS-11D PT incorporates exclusive design advances that deal with both digital and digital/analog hybrid RF wireless transmission.

Focusing on the latest challenges in wireless technologies, Sanken has partnered with industry leaders to provide a breakthrough microphone designed to minimize the instances where RF interference is an issue.

Available With Different Termination Options – Select the Version that Exactly Suits Your Needs:

  • Wired version for 48v phantom power or battery powered, 3-pin XLR available in 4 colors, normal sensitivity
  • Tinned ends for termination, 3m or 1.8m, normal or reduced (-9dB) sensitivity, with or without accessories
  • Customized to mate with 12 top brand wireless systems – 4 colors, normal or reduced sensitivity options

A wide range of accessories for the COS-11D Lavalier mics including clips, mounts and windscreens are also available.

COS-11D Accessories

Multiple colors and terminations are available - if you can't find what you're looking for or need advice on the best version for your application, talk to one of our Sales Professionals today!