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Get studio-quality monitoring—even on stage.

With patented Audio Reference Companding, exceptional transmitter linearity, and patented CueMode functionality, the Shure PSM® 900 Wireless Personal Monitor System meets the needs of professional audio applications of all kinds, providing excellent audio quality and reliable RF performance. Twenty compatible frequencies per band and a 36 MHz to 40 MHz tuning bandwidth give the PSM 900 system the horsepower to handle demanding environments, including professional IEM and IFB applications.

For premier events, professional installations, and prestige tours, every detail makes a difference. Perform with the control to always keep your sound at its sharpest. Pristine RF signal. More channels on air. Breakthrough automation that streamlines setup and use. Play with total audio access from start to finish.

36 MHz Tuning Range
More options for a strong signal. Through precision filtering on front-end RF, the P9RA+ enhances your reception and range, delivers more channels on-air, and cuts down on dropouts.

Half-Rack, Single Channel Transmitter
Operate with precision.Intuitive front panel controls in a compact, half-rack chassis make the P9T transmitter handle the signal smarter.

Up to 20 Compatible Channels
Optimize your efficiency. Operate 20 compatible channels on one frequency band simultaneously with advanced filtering and vastly reduced frequency intermodulation.