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Changing the way people listen to music – one home at a time.

Founded in 2002, Sonos® creates the leading smart speaker system. From a tech start-up populated with nerdy engineers and brilliant designers who love music, Sonos has grown into a global music brand dedicated to transforming the experience of listening out loud to music in the home. Its family of wireless smart speakers and home audio products make it easy for everyone to listen to the music they love in every room of their home. To hear their favorites, discover new music, and appreciate it all with the highest sound quality.

Sonos is doing it all over the world – in more than 60 countries, with dozens of streaming music providers, through thousands of retailers, and in millions of homes. With a constant investment in software and services, Sonos is improving the experience customers have with music in the home for years after they buy it.

Sonos systems are now being sought after by Dale's pro installers for their simplicity, elegance, and powerful feature set.
These systems are perfect solutions for offices, restaurants, lounges, gathering spaces, and anywhere else where music with top-notch audio is needed.