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Martin Audio Wavefront Precision Line Array

The World's First Optimized Line Arrays with Scalable Resolution.

Drawing on the research and technology behind MLA Series, the Wavefront Precision Series is a new generation of multi-purpose line arrays designed to bring Martin Audio’s legendary sound, coverage consistency, and control to a broader range of touring applications, installations, and budgets.

Comprising the WPC and WPM, Wavefront Precision line arrays are designed as complete systems with external iKON® multi-channel amplifiers and optimized by automated DISPLAY software.Adopting the principle of scalable resolution, with external, dedicated multi-channel amplifiers, Wavefront Precision line arrays are uniquely flexible, upgradeable and financially accessible.

Scalable Resolution
With exceptional line array performance guaranteed by the acoustic design itself, scalable resolution unlocks the full potential of a Wavefront Precision array and provides an adaptable pathway into the world of advanced optimization.

The greater the resolution of the array in terms of individually driven enclosures, the more precisely DISPLAY can fine-tune audience coverage and hold the frequency response and SPL’s throughout the venue within a tight window specified by the user.

For the first time in the marketplace, the decision on the level of resolution and control that is right for the install, client, event or budget is yours.

Amplification, DSP, And Networking
Wavefront Precision line arrays are designed as complete systems with dedicated, high-performance iKON multi-channel Class D amplifiers. Both the iK42 4-channel amplifier and iK81 8-channel amplifier are capable of very high power outputs and feature high-speed Ethernet communication for system control and monitoring via VU-NET, plus Dante™ digital audio networking. With the option to transmit digital audio over a single CAT5 cable, quality is maintained over long cable runs and integration with other devices in the sound system is straightforward.