AlphaWire F2213/32 CL103 Clear Heat Shrink 4' Long 3/32" Diameter


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Dale #:ALPH-F221332CL103

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  • Irradiated Polyolefin - Flexible, COLOR: CLEAR, CODE: C.

    All Purpose flexible polyolefin tubing that has a combination of properties which satisfy a variety of demanding applications. Meets commercial and military applications.-Economical
    -Will not burn or support flame
    -Thermally stable
    -Multi-purpose insulator
    -Excellent for cable identification
    -Forms tight mechanical bond
    -Excellent for wire and cable termination's
    -Excellent physical and electrical properties
    -Chemical and solvent resistant
    -Easily hot stamped for wire identification
    -Clear can be used to view or read printed components
    -Will not cold flow or melt
  • Shrinkage Ratio
    50% (2:1) @ 121°C
    Longitudinal Shrinkage±5% (Max.)
    Operating Temp. Range-55°C TO + 135°C
    Dielectric Strength800 V/mi
    UL Rating600V @ 125°C
    Volume Resistivity1014ohm-cm (min.)
    Specific Gravity1.35 (max.)
    Tensile Strength2,400 psi
    Ultimate Elongation200% (min.)
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