Auralex MAX Wall 211 20X48 Inch Panel Kit (Charcoal, Pair)


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  • The patent-pending, interlocking MAX-Wall acoustic treatment system is made to grow and grow as your needs change... it can just go on and on and on, but only if you need it to. Don't buy more than your place requires... and don't bankrupt your pocketbook when a simple MAX-Wall system might be all you need! You want modular? MAX-Wall's your answer. This product is the best portable vocal booth for your money! You can set up your MAX-Wall in minutes with no tools, no adhesive, no fuss. And you can add additional MAX-Wall acoustic panels as your needs grow. Build your own set-up with additional MAX-Wall 200s, 420s and other accessories. The MAX-Wall's perfect if you're renting a space and don't want to-or aren't allowed to - mount anything to your walls, or if your place needs to serve a variety of acoustical purposes. MAX-Wall offers you great flexibility in a big hurry.

    MAX-Wall 211

    • 2 - 20"x48" MW panels
    • 1 - MW-Window panel
    • 1 MAX-Stand
    • 1 Max-Clamp
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