Canare RCAP-C3A 75 Ohm RCA Crimp Connector


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  • 75 ohm RCA Connector, Straight Plug. Generic off-the-shelf RCA audio plugs are quite common and have been in use for a very long time...well over 50 years! These old-style RCA type solder plugs have an impedance characteristic of roughly 25 ohm and exhibit extremely poor Return Loss performance when mated with precision 75 ohm coaxial video cable. In fact, they are virtually unusable for 6MHz Broadcast Video frequencies, high bandwidth RGB Video Monitor lines, or even Digital Audio data bit streams.

    • Standard 75 ohm construction; Crimp Pin Sleeve
    • DC to 200MHz; >26dB Return Loss (<1.1 VSWR)
    • Absolutely No Soldering Required
    • Assembly Time Reduced by 80%
    • Superior cable pull strength
    • Internal Pressure Contact Fingers
    • Gold plated center Shaft
    • Easy Assembly using Canare Strip Crimp Tools
    • Operating temperature -20 to +60 degrees Celsius
    Canare's all new 75 ohm type RCAP Video CrimpPlugs are impedance matched and achieve outstanding analog and digital electricalperformance with a usable bandwidth to 200MHz. Our original 3-piece connector design offersconsistent and extremely reliableterminations with a wide variety of 75 ohmcoaxial cable sizes. This unique constructionreduces set-up and assembly time by >80% because no soldering is ever required!
  • CableA2V1, A2VA-L, V-3C and L-3C2VS
    Crimp DieTCD-35CA, TCD-3C
    Crimp PinB11014D
    PartsBody Crimp Pin, Sleeve
    Imp.75 ohm
    Bandwidth VSWR (Return Loss) DC to 200MHz<1.1 (>26dB)
    Body Material (Plating)Brass (Nickel)
    Center Contact Material (Plating)Phosphor Bronze (Gold)
    Outer Contact MaterialBeryllium copper
    Dielectric MaterialPPO Noryl
    Crimp Pin Material (Plating)Brass (Gold)
    Crimp Sleeve Material (Plating)Copper (Tin)
    Cable Retention lbs. (kgs)>55 (>24.9)
    Insulation Resistance at 500V DC>100M ohm
    Voltage Rating for 1 mim.500V AC (rms)
    Center Contact Resistance<10m ohm
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