Canare V3-3C 3-Channel 75-Ohm Video Coaxial Cable (100 Meter Spool)


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  • RG59 type, 25AWG] Our most popular 75 ohm component video series. Roughly equivalent to RG59 performance. A good choice for limited length cable runs or where conduit size may be restricted. Excellent flexibility for untangled pay-out and easy wrap-ups.


    • Structural Return Loss >=20dB to 2GHz
    • Flexible Center Conductor
    • Channel ID Colors
    • Special Jacket Fillers
    • Dielectric strips away clean from Conductor
    • 2.2 ns. Differential Delay


    • Component Analog Video 
    • Video Projectors 
    • Video Walls
    • Studio Tie Lines 
    • CG/CAD Workstations
  • Standard Length 328 ft
    (100 m)
    656 ft
    (200 m)
    Weight per Standard Length 33 lbs
    (15 kg)
    No. of Channels 3
    Red, Green, Blue
    Nominal Outside Diameter .453 in
    (11.5 mm)
    PVC Jacket Thickness .036 in
    (0.9 mm)
    Brittle Point -22 F
    Channel Outside Diameter .173 in
    (4.4 mm)
    Cross Sec. Area mil²
    Conductor Outside Diameter .021 in
    (0.54 mm)
    Dielectric Insulation Type Foam PE
    Insulation Outside Diameter .122 in
    (3.1 mm)
    Shield Material Coverage >97%
    <32.1 ohms/1000 ft
    (<10.5 ohms/100 m)
    <3.7 ohms/1000 ft
    (<1.1 ohms/100 m)
    Nominal Capacitance @ 1 KHz 67 pF/m
    Nominal Impedance 75 Ohms
    Channel Differential Delay 100 ns/ft
    Velocity of Prop. 66%
    Colors Black
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