RDL RU-EQ3 Three Band Equalizer with Knobs - Terminals


Please Note: requires PS-24AS Power Supply (sold separately)

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  • The RU-EQ3 features a balanced bridging input, which may be connected unbalanced if desired. The output driver is 150 balanced, and is intended to drive unbalanced or balanced lines of 150 or higher impedance. Front-panel knobs provide active equalization, each controlling a separate audio band. These bands were carefully selected to yield a module that works effectively in a wide variety of systems. Each band™s center frequency can be either boosted or attenuated by at least 12 dB. The Q of the low and high band equalizers was selected so that those controls can be functionally considered as a total bass band or treble band control. The RU-EQ3 adds a third control. This midrange control is optimized to voice band adjustment, with the overlap tailored to provide smooth operation for wideband music applications. The RU-EQ3's OVERLOAD indicator flashes if either the input or output stage clips.

    • 3-Band Audio Equalizer
    • Custom Tailored Audio Bandwidth
    • User-Accessible Adjustments
    • High-Density Rack-Mount Convenience
    • Low-Noise, Low-Distortion Equalizer
  • Input:100 k balanced or unbalanced bridging line-level
    THD+N:< 0.030% 0.010% typ. (1 kHz, +4 dBu reference flat response)
    CMRR:> 60 dB (100 Hz)
    Frequency Response:20 Hz to 22 kHz (EQ set flat +/- 0.5 dB into 600 )
    10 Hz to 22 kHz (EQ set flat +/- 0.5 dB into 10 k)
    Noise:< -80 dB (below +4 dBu)
    Center Frequencies:Low Band: 80 Hz
    Mid Band: 1 kHz
    High Band: 30 kHz
    Bandwidth:Low Band: 20 Hz to 300 Hz
    Mid Band: 200 Hz to 7 kHz
    High Band: 3 kHz to 30 kHz
    Power Requirement:GROUND-REFERENCED, 24 to 33 Vdc @ 25 mA
    Ambient Operating Environment:0 degrees C to 55 degrees C
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