Shure SCM800 8-Channel Microphone / Line Level Mixer


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  • The Shure Model SCM800 is a full-featured, eight-channel microphone mixer for sound reinforcement, general audio recording, and audio-visual systems. Any low-impedance, balanced dynamic or condenser microphone, including a wireless microphone system, can be used with the SCM800 mixer. 

    Each SCM800 accepts up to eight microphone- or line–level inputs and one aux-level input (two input jacks feed the same channel). Up to four SCM800 mixers can be linked to provide up to 32 input channels. Each input channel has a two-band equalizer, switchable microphone- or line-level operation, switchable 48 V phantom power, and a 1/4-inch send/receive insert jack.


    • Compatible with Shure SCM410, SCM810 and FP410 automatic microphone mixers
    • Adjustable EQ per channel: low-frequency rolloff and high-frequency shelving
    • 48 V phantom power selectable for each input
    • Active balanced microphone- and line-level inputs and line level output
    • Highly RF-resistant chassis and circuitry
    • LED indication of channel clipping
    • Linking capability for systems up to 32 microphones
    • Two Aux-level input jacks that feed one channel
    • Insert jack on each channel
    • Manual mixing of input channels
    • Internal Modification permits 230 V operation (SCM800) or 120 V operation (SCM800E)
    • Front-panel headphones output with level control
    • Peak-responding output limiter with selectable thresholds and LED indicator
  • Measurement Conditions (unless otherwise specified)Line voltage 120 Vac, 60 Hz (SCM800) or 230 Vac, 50 Hz (SCM800E); full gain; 1 kHz.
    Source impedancesMic 150 ohms, Line 150 ohms
    TerminationsLine 10 kilohms, Phones 300 ohms (tip-sleeve and ring-sleeve), Direct Out 10 kilohms.
    Equalization controlsAdjusted for flat response, Channel 1 gain control full clockwise, other gain controls full counter-clockwise
    Frequency Response (Ref 1 kHz, channel controls centered)50 Hz to 20 kHz +/- 2 dB; -3 dB corner at 25 Hz
    Total Harmonic Distortion<0.1% at +18 dBV output level, 50 Hz to 20 kHz (through 20 Hz-20 kHz filter; Input 1 and Master at 5, all other controls full counterclockwise)
    Hum and Noise 
    Equivalent Input Noise-125 dBV (150 ohm source; through 400 Hz 20 kHz filter)
    Equivalent Input Hum and Noise-123 dBV (150 ohm source; through 20 Hz - 20 kHz filter)
    Output Hum and Noise (through 20 Hz to 20 kHz filter; channel controls full counterclockwise) 
    Master full counterclockwise-90 dBV
    Master full clockwise-62 dBV 8
    Common Mode Rejection>70 dB at 1 kHz
    PolarityMic/Line, Send inputs to all outputs are non-inverting; Aux input to all outputs is invertingOverload and Shorting Protection.
    Shorting outputs, even for prolonged periods, causes no damage. Microphone inputs are not damaged by signals up to 3 V; Line and Monitor inputs by signals up to 20 V.
    EqualizationLow-frequency: 6 dB/octave cut, adjustable corner from 25 to 320 Hz
    High-frequency: +/- 6 dB at 5 kHz, +/- 8 dB at 10 kHz, shelving
    LimiterType: Peak
    Threshold: Switchable: off, +4, +8, +16 (dBm at output)
    Attack Time: 2 ms
    Recovery Time: 300 ms
    Indicator: Lights red when limiting occurs
    Input LEDsLight at 6 dB below clipping
    Phantom Power46 Vdc open-circuit through 6.8 kilohm series resistance per DIN 45 596
    Operating Voltage120 Vac rated nominal (see Voltage Selection for 230 Vac operation in User Guide),50/60 Hz, 200 mA
    Temperature RangeOperating: 0 degrees to 60 degrees C (32 degrees to 140 degrees F )
    Storage: -30 degrees to 70 degrees C (-22 degrees to 158 degrees F)
    Overall Dimensions44.5 mm H x 483 mm W x 317 mm D (13/4 x 19 x 121/2 in.)
    Net Weight4.3 kg (9 lb 9 oz)
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