Switchcraft AAA3MZ AAA Series 3-Pin XLR Male Nickel Cable Connector Plug - Silver Pins


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  • XLR Male receptacle, 3-pin silver contact, metal housing.Three contact connectors feature easy twist on combination handle strain/relief, and the reduced number of parts to assemble, rugged strain relief accommodates a wide range of cable diameters. Available with black finish. Contacts/pins available with gold-plating. Optional metal handle.Switchcraft introduces this connectors. The Q-G twist series is available in male or female cord plug, 3 through 7 pins or contacts. The unique features are the easy twist on combination handle/strain relief, and the reduced number of parts to assemble. With the insert built into the front shell, and the strain relief pre-loaded into the handle, the end user has only two parts to assemble-slide the handle onto the cable, solder the terminations, and twist on the handle.


    • Only two pieces to assemble.
    • Easy twist on handle reduces assembly time.
    • Rugged die-cast metal handle.
    • Strain relief accommodates wide cable OD ranges.
    • Black finish available.
    • Gold-plated pins/contacts available.
    • Lower cost plastic handle version available.
  • Connector TypePlug
    Material, ContactGold Plated
    Material, HousingRugged Die-Cast Metal
    Number of Contacts3
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