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Broadcast At Home Like A Pro With Yellowtec

May 12, 2020 3 Comments

By Joel Guilbert, Dale Pro Audio
With more and more people needing to either broadcast live or create podcasts at home, creators and talent alike can still sound like a pro and enjoy easy-to-use gear, thanks to our friends at Yellowtec.

The Intellimix is a well crafted, fully featured broadcast mixer that has a small footprint, and all features available right in front of you for easy access and use. The advanced auto gain compressor easily gets your voice to the right level, and keeps it nice and consistent.

Since in the future there may not be the same amount of engineering support, having features like solid remote control of the mixer with a Mac/PC/Android/IOS devices could be a really big help.

With talent assuming the role of the engineer more and more, the simple intuitive mixer format is not intimidating as a big bank of faders, and has quick easy recall - create a preset for each show that can recall everything you need to be up and running at the push of a button.

iXM Podcaster: With a high quality microphone preamp and voice-optimized compressor built-in to this portable recorder/microphone, it’s a quality podcast studio in the palm of your hand! Record where-ever inspiration strikes you... Is your apartment too noisy to track your podcast today, but the park/courtyard, etc, down the street nice and quiet? All you need is the iXM Podcaster and some headphones, no computer, bulky interface, etc.

m!ka Arms: These are without a doubt some of the best broadcast boom arms out there. If you are planning on potentially being on camera ever in the future; these boom arms are an investment you will not regret. They have a much lower profile, and have the potential to make a LOT less noise than a traditional boom arm with it’s exposed springs. You can build them a-la carte or choose from 12 pre-made bundles.

Now available are a wide variety of additional attachments to modularly add functionality to your broadcast set up. Need to add a camera, iPad, etc? There’s a m!ka accessory for that!

Joel Guilbert is Dale Pro Audio's Technology Development Manager, and assists on technical support inquiries, system design and integration, and much more for our company. He can be reached at

3 Responses

Kathrin Nimpsch
Kathrin Nimpsch

May 29, 2020

Feel free to text me via or check out or

alfredo batallas
alfredo batallas

May 26, 2020

que ventaja tengo con este producto con equipos dante? y me pueden enviar el costo del equipo para casa gracias dale proaudio.
soy un tecnico de sonido en vivo por 25 años estoy buscando alternativas de trabajo .. gracias

Dinkou Chen
Dinkou Chen

May 23, 2020

Need more information about the products,

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