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Introducing Dante Domain Manager

February 21, 2018


With their Dante audio networking protocol taking greater of a foothold in the industry with each passing day, Audinate has just announced the availability of the all-new Dante Domain Manager software. This comprehensive, easy-to-use application centralizes control and monitoring over Dante networks of nearly any size and scale (in three different editions).

We recently hosted a private training seminar for both our sales staff and for some of our integrator clientele in our HQ, hosted by Audinate's Bernie Farkus and Corey Boyer. This day-long session covered Dante Domain Manager's features, how it works, and how to set it up.

Topics covered during the session included setting up networks and subnets, clocking, licensing, product compatibility and configurations. Farkas then set up a few hypothetical systems and used them as examples of system setup and management. He then used a few pieces of Dante-enabled gear as demonstration components, from leading manufacturers like Focusrite Pro, Symetrix, and ..., all connected via a series of switches and controlled from an Intel NUC PC.

Technology Development Manager Joel Guilbert organized the event on our end: "As Audio Over IP (AOIP) is emerging as such an important element in the current state of Pro Audio, we were excited to stay at the bleeding edge of this technology, and Dante Domain manager is another way to stay ahead."

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