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February 25th, 2022 Newsletter

February 25, 2022


MCM: The New Reference In Close Miking.

The Miniature Clip Mic MCM System raises the bar of electret capsules. And as a true Neumann, picks the typical sound from all acoustic instruments in live applications. It redefines the standard in natural sound, practicality, reliable mounting, and longevity. The system includes nine instrument-specific mounting clips for a wide variety of acoustic instruments. The modular construction allows for easy replacements and guarantees a superior low cost of ownership.

The MCM System is available either in separate components or as a series of pre-assembled kits aimed to the most comment types of instruments.


Merging Technologies

Pyramix 14 - Now With Dolby Atmos!

Pyramix is a digital audio workstation used by professional studios and engineers the world over for music production, mastering, TV and film post-production. Pyramix, in combination with its networked audio interfaces offers the only end to end solution on the market to produce music digitally with an audio format that sounds like analog to humans.

Pyramix 14 brings in the next level of production for Dolby Atmos®. Developed hand in hand with renowned pioneers of immersive audio and Dolby Laboratories, this new workflow is designed to streamline production, mixing, mastering and re-mastering Whether you are starting a production from scratch or importing existing content from other DAWs, give your sound the best Dolby Atmos sound it deserves. Look no further than Pyramix 14.


Audio Design Desk

Audio Design Desk: Sound Design, Reimagined.

Audio Design Desk is a next generation Digital Audio Workstation merged with an enormous royalty free sound library that is embedded with an AI called Sonic Intelligence. Used on Netflix, HBOMax, Hulu and others, the platform understands the relationships between sounds so producing and editing music, foley or sound design is 10x faster than any other software.

Whether you’re designing a podcast, a video or your next drop, with Audio Design Desk, you will work faster than you ever thought possible. Guaranteed.



New And Improved: Dante Domain Manager

Now includes more devices for Silver and Gold editions, plus the ability to add features and additional devices at any time to manage Dante Networks. Dante Domain Manager brings IT best practices to AV, making audio networking more secure, more scalable and more controllable than ever before.

With Dante Domain Manager, you know exactly what your Dante system is doing at all times. Setup User Authentication and Role definitions for Dante Controller to ensure that no unauthorized changes are made to your system, and see alerts and notifications that keep you up-to-date on any changes instantly, anywhere. Organize your system into controlled groups that are easy to understand. Dante Domain Manager brings true layer 3 functionality to AV on your enterprise network.



New From Audio-Technica: The ATND1061

The ATND1061 Beamforming Ceiling Array Microphone is a state-of-the-art, professional conferencing solution for meetings of any size. Capture every person speaking in a room with clear, natural audio that reduces distracting environmental sounds.

The ATND1061 is an ideal solution for conference rooms, boardrooms, and meeting spaces large and small. The microphone may be used singly or in multiples (for larger meeting spaces) to capture every person speaking in a room. A state-of-the-art professional product in a familiar form factor (roughly the size of a wireless access point), the ATND1061 is easy to install, set up, and operate.


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