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Remembering Mike Descoteau

January 25, 2022

Mike Descoteau, 1951 - 2022

Remembering Mike Descoteau, 1951 - 2022.

The Dale Pro Audio family is deeply saddened to learn the news of the passing of Mike Descoteau at the age of 70 this past week.

Mike was a longtime fixture in the broadcast audio world, and was involved in Dale’s broadcast sales management from 1991-1999, 2002-2004, and again from 2014 to 2019. He was part of the company’s mid-90s transition from parts dealer to professional audio solutions provider, leveraging his vast network of colleagues and friends at networks, truck companies, integrators, and beyond.

In addition to Dale, he also held positions at various other companies over the years, such as Solid State Logic, Wohler, Riedel, Masque Sound, and more.

Mike Descoteau

Whether in the halls of a trade show, a friendly voice on the phone, or touring a new network control room he had a hand in building, Mike was a character that was hard to forget. Besides a passion for audio, he’d be equally at home talking to you about fine food, wine, art, books, or his beloved Boston sports teams.

He is survived by three sisters, a son and a daughter, one grandson, one brother-in-law and one son- and one daughter-in-law. He also leaves behind a circle of friends encompassing the entire broadcast audio industry.

Michael and Valerie Lager

Our family owners Michael and Valerie Lager reflect on Mike’s contributions to the Dale Pro Audio legacy: “Dale Pro Audio literally started when Mike joined us in 1991. Dale was selling audio at the time, primarily into the installed sound market. Mike forged ahead into the Broadcast audio world, starting with the big 3 networks (all here in NYC) and continuing to every level along the broadcast food chain. It was a dynamic time for our company and Mike was at the center of it. Mike’s outgoing and gregarious personality made him a natural salesman, and he created strong client relationships that have endured to this day. Mike’s contribution to Dale can only be described as; First Ballot, Hall of Fame.”

The entire Dale Pro Audio family sends their thoughts and best wishes to Mike’s family during this time.

“I always admired the tenacity that Mike had, especially when it came to his work. After so many years of experience, he had honed his selling skills like a fine wine.

However, it didn’t stop there, it was all facets of his life. The care he showed in his relationships and hobbies was always evident. He embraced you when he spoke and his passion touched you, even if you weren’t a Red Sox fan.

What I really applaud is Mike’s optimism. His outlook was consistently positive even when he faced many challenges. He seemed to always get through it all. You could always see the glimmer that was in his eyes. He was inspiring.”
Valerie Lager, Co-Owner

“Mike took me under his wing from the minute I started at Dale; he paved the way seamlessly for the transition in accounts' representation in 1999 when he first left Dale to work for Solid State Logic, advocating for me with Dale management and clients and vendors alike. I will be forever grateful to him for his generosity of spirit and knowledge, and most of all for his priceless friendship. He was a guy who squeezed all the juice he could get most days out of the fruit we call life.”
Joe Prout, Senior Director Broadcast Sales

“He was someone I had heard about long before I met him. Definitely had a reputation, but once he came back I found him to be very cool and laid back like a character on Gunsmoke, and I admired the way he was close with his father and spent time with him.”
Jerel Black, Reception

“I may not have known Mike as long as some of my other colleagues, but he still left a lasting impression. His knowledge of the broadcast industry was as vast as anyone’s, he taught me a lot about its inner workings, and he never failed to playfully rib me when his Red Sox beat my Yankees.”
Eric Eldredge, Marketing Director

“Mike was a good guy and quite the hockey aficionado.”
Dave Thomas, Warehouse Manager

“He was a good friend and coworker that has given me so much advice.“
Luis Rivera, HOW/Live/Install Sales Professional

"Mike's love of books and his knowledge and generosity in sharing it always made for amazing conversations. His love of life and working towards a dream will always be an inspiration."
Jenn Fogarazzo, Data Coordinator

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