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What's Next: The Future of Audio for Worship

July 23, 2018

Audio Solutions for the Worship Facilities of Tomorrow.

The audio world is changing rapidly, with innovations coming forth at a rapid pace. Did you know a single network cable can revolutionize your workflow? Did you know that your wireless microphones may soon no longer function? Did you know that personal monitor technology is more powerful than ever? This informative event hosted by Dale Pro Audio and co-sponsored by our partners at Shure helped to de-mystify these and other innovations.

Audio Networking with Focusrite
With the advent of protocols such as Audinate's Dante and the AES67 standards, it's now easier than ever to set up an audio network. With just a simple Ethernet cable, you can route audio, manage devices and settings, all while greatly simplifying your wiring and hardware infrastructure. Kurt Howell from Focusrite Pro took attendees through a brief yet comprehensive overview of how audio networks are set up and with our Technology Development Manager Joel Guilbert's help, hooked up several pieces of gear (from different manufacturers, no less) into a working system. The guests were then invited to come up and play with the gear themselves to better understand it.

Wireless Spectrum Changes with Shure
The RF landscape is changing pretty rapidly, and your existing wireless audio gear may soon no longer function. Why is this? Our friends at Shure were here to take attendees through the industry's recent history of how a large portion of the RF spectrum was recently repurposed for mobile broadband use, and how you can prepare yourself for the future. Shure's Ben Escobedo and Vanessa Jensen gave lots of useful pointers and tips while using some of their new Axient Digital series as examples.

Personal Monitoring with myMix
With many worship facilities relying on in-ear monitor (IEM) systems in place due to sonic and space issues, it's more important than ever for a system to deliver flexibility and powerful features. Derek Badala of Synthax (US distributor for myMix) set up a system as would be seen in a worship setting, and covered how it can handle multiple mixes, how each musician can personalize their setup, and more tips and tricks. It may be enough to make traditional wedges a thing of the past!

Other highlights of the event included representatives from ProX Lighting, who showed off their solutions for various installs, and from Sound Park NY, who have partnered with us on several install projects.

Lastly, a few lucky attendees won great prizes such as microphones, earbuds, Dante software licenses, and stage light gear, courtesy of Shure, Audinate, and ProX!

The event was held in our Event Room over two days (the same agenda repeated each day) and was masterminded by our resident worship audio specialist, Sales Professional Luis Rivera.

He was most pleased with the results: "For this event, I think that Shure did an excellent job of explaining the frequency spectrum and offered lots of solutions, and thanks to Derek for showing myMix. And having Joel and Kurt display the networking with hands-on training using any audio source was a great hit!"

Couldn't make it to the event? We captured both days' sessions on our YouTube channel for your viewing pleasure!

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