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October 18th, 2023 Newsletter

October 18, 2023


Shure SM7dB: Built-in Preamp. Built on Legacy.

An audio icon is reborn – the Shure SM7dB has the sound you've loved for years, but with the convenience of a built-in preamp providing all the extra gain you'll ever need. The latest iteration of this legendary XLR dynamic microphone makes it easier for podcasters, streamers and musicians to get perfect vocals from any recording setup.

The SM7dB ($499) is a cardioid dynamic microphone with a Shure-designed built-in preamp providing up to +28 dB of low-noise, flat, transparent gain ideal for lower-output interfaces and simplified audio chains. Delivers warm and smooth audio for vocal and studio applications. Preamp bypass switch, adjustable bass roll-off and presence boost, electromagnetic hum shielding, internal shock mounting, and external windscreen ensure clear and consistent audio reproduction.



Put Every Watt To Work With PowerShareX.

Featuring onboard DSP, seamless integration with ControlSpace Designer software, and proven Powersoft technology, PowerShareX amplifiers are an ideal match for Bose Professional loudspeaker systems. Each networkable, four-channel amp offers innovative power-sharing flexibility, Dante connectivity, and much more — all in a space-saving 1RU design.

Developed in collaboration with Powersoft, PowerShareX provides a central power reservoir that can be allocated asymmetrically across each output. This brilliant technology dynamically shifts the power based on the load requirements, allowing you to focus on the overall power while minimizing unused amplifier power capabilities. These amps also feature complete integration with ControlSpace Designer and Bose Pro loudspeakers plus Dante connectivity.



Meet The Most Durable Shotgun Mic Ever.

The DPA 2017 Shotgun Microphone ($995) is an extremely directional mic that combines crystal clear, authentic sound and stable, consistent performance under harsh conditions. Its acoustical performance sets it apart from any competition. It has efficient off-axis rejection combined with an off-axis frequency response that is much more linear than most similar shotgun mics on the market. These are exactly the capabilities that result in authentic sound.

The 2017 performs consistently in a variety of conditions, like cold weather and humid environments on location. Although the interference tube surrounding the capsule is quite long, the entire mic is contained in a shorter, lighter mic housing than many other mics that it outperforms. This makes the 2017 a practical choice in a wide range of applications.



Genelec's 8381A Main Monitor with SAM

The Genelec 8381A Adaptive Point Source Main Monitor system with Smart Active Technology empowers engineers and creators to perceive every sonic detail, offering true-to-life sound level and dynamics – with the full flexibility of free-standing monitor placement and advanced room adaption.

Interacting with the Genelec Loudspeaker Manager (GLM) software, the 8381A monitor system intelligently adapts its response to the monitoring room in the optimal way. With its high SPL capacity, the 8381A makes even very low-level details audible, creating an uncompromising tool for monitoring.



Connect Anything, To Anything.

Don't think about connections. Accept everything! The Appsys Pro Audio MVR-mkII Multiverter ($3899) is a 704x704 channel anything-to-anything solution. This unique piece of hardware is able to convert between many different digital audio interfaces - any to any, all at once. It's fully packed with features like channel-wise-routing, web interface, sample rate conversion, headamp remote control and much more!

Transfer digital audio between AES3, MADI, ADAT, AES50, MADI-TP, or Dante. It features bi-directional sample rate conversion up to 128 channels, ClockShield technology to prevent dropouts, and flexible power options for compatiblity and redundancy.


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