Sennheiser Evolution Wireless IEM G4

For optimum control and freedom of movement.

The best audio equipment doesn’t help much, if the interplay between band members doesn't really work the way it should. Wireless monitoring is the perfect way to solve this. No matter where you are on stage, unmolested by surrounding noise. As an ideal complement to their highquality microphone solutions, Sennheiser developed wireless monitoring systems, which excel by user friendliness and their intelligent features.

Wireless monitoring by Sennheiser comprises, besides powerful transmitters and receivers, great-sounding earphones, which provide each artist with an audio signal that can be mixed and equalized according to individual needs and preferences.

The new simplicity of a complex setup.
G4 is the easiest professional system to use at its price point. The intuitive display at the heart of the system, the true diversity receiver, provides for quick and easy operation. The Wireless Systems Manager software (300 and 500 series) and the Control Cockpit (300 series) make it incredibly easy to control multichannel systems and ensure the perfect workflow.

No compromises in transmission reliability.
Up to 100 meters (300 feet) of perfect sound, up to 50 mW of transmission power (300 and 500 series), feedback-proof microphone capsules – that provides absolute transmission reliability all the way back to the last rows. The G4 proves its worth when everything has to be right in the first take, for example in outdoor shoots when surrounded by many other camera teams. You can rely on the G4 – any time, any place.

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