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LQ Series devices provide intercom connectivity for linking multiple intercom systems together and/ or extending the capabilities and intercom channels of a single system to one or more remote locations over IP networks. LQ eliminates the need for costly audio cable and technically complex cable runs. With either the two, four or eight-port, in 2-wire, 4-wire or 4-wire with GPIO options, LQ can route audio and call signaling between any industry-standard partyline intercom and 4-wire device such as Clear-Com’s Eclipse HX matrix intercom systems, 2-way radios and audio consoles over LAN, WAN or IP networks. A maximum of six LQ Series interfaces can be linked together to form a unified system.

IP Communications is an easy, cost-effective and flexible way to give remote users access to the intercom without the investment of new cabling or hardware. Clear-Com's suite of IP offerings enables enterprise-wide communications, remote intercom access, and connectivity to industry-standard intercom and audio devices over LAN, WAN or IP networks. All Clear-Com IP solutions are designed and based on the unique I.V.Core® Intercom-over-IP platform, which delivers low latency communications and superb audio quality through the use of wideband CODEC. Clear-Com's Intercom-over-IP products include the LQ Series IP interface devices, Clear-Com Concert® soft-client application and Agent-IC™ mobile app.

LQ Series offers much more connectivity with its SIP interfacing capability. Now, users on any Clear-Com or third-party intercom systems can make direct calls over SIP-based phone systems and digital two-way radios very cost-effectively over LQ.

Unlike other IP interfaces, the platform-agnostic LQ devices simplify connectivity and deployment of communications solutions over IP infrastructures, without compromising on the quality of sound, speed or performance.

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