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JBL CS Series Amplifiers

Energy Efficient Never Sounded So Good.

Innovation is always evident throughout the JBL® Commercial Series product lineup. Manufactured using HARMAN’s GreenEdge™ clean standards, including a low-energy powder coat that uses 33% less energy, these units conform to lead-free RoHS standards.

CSA SeriesCSA Amplifiers
By combining years of innovation, invention and insight from HARMAN brands, JBL® Commercial Series Amplifiers (CSA) go well beyond the expected in generating powerful sound. From the switch-mode universal power supply to the efficient performance of Crown’s DriveCore™ Technology, they continue to set new standards in commercial power amplifier technology.


CSM SeriesCS Mixers
Easily configured for a range of applications, such as background music, security, and paging, CSM units are designed for everything from schools and hospitals to restaurants and fitness facilities. They feature RJ45 connectors for use with JBL CSR-V in-wall volume controls, and a universal power supply that accepts AC voltages from 100 to 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz. 

CSM SeriesWhat is GreenEdge?
Did you know HARMAN offers audio solutions that reduce energy use, heat dissipation and overall ecological footprints, while the resulting acoustical experience remains best-in-class? GreenEdge is HARMAN’s comprehensive ‘alternative certification’ that assesses nearly every aspect of select products in an effort to reduce the environmental impact of professionally installed sound systems. GreenEdge goes beyond power consumption and considers items such as total weight, materials used and product size. Along with innovative amplifier and speaker technologies, HARMAN GreenEdge systems provide environmentally friendly solutions while delivering substantial increases in performance and system efficiency.

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