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History-Making Audio Dynamics Technology.

The best sound systems depend on advanced digital signal processing to really make them shine, and dbx delivers. One of the most well-respected dynamics processing companies in the industry, dbx offers complete equalization and speaker management systems, powered speaker optimizers, direct boxes, zone controllers, equalizers and more. In addition to years of leadership and expertise in the processing field, dbx has combined its detection and summing methods, known as True RMS Level Detection and True RMS Power Summing, to reflect the “true” sounds that are heard by the human ear.

dbx’s patented integrated circuit designs can detect and process natural sounds over a broad range of signals. This technology helps musicians ensure that their voices are heard at their best. dbx’s innovative product lines include: 500 Series Modular Processors, DriveRack Loudspeaker Management Systems, Personal Monitor Controllers, ZonePro Digital Zone Processors, Zone Controllers, Advanced Feedback Suppression Processors, Microphone Preamps, Dynamics Processors, Crossovers, Equalizers, Subharmonic Synthesis and more.